Sunday, June 05, 2016

I have been on Facebook a lot. That's a great place to network for genealogy. A fb friend asked a question & I responded, about her new niece asking her for help with a school family history project. Here's my response.
With a blended family she has the options open to pick from a wider field the characteristic traits, the family stories to embrace and cultivate [own] in her own life. She will also have the advantage of extra experiences and life stories that come with hindsight already in place. Those family [his & her]-stories are meant for to bless us. We can learn from them with awareness to avoid the pitfalls. It's like having a roadmap & guide from friends who have been there and done that - so we can avoid falling in the pits. Plus, She gets to evaluate with her heart if the current family interpretations are appropriate (Got lemons? You could just suck them =~x Or make lemonade, lemon cookies, lemon...!) 1 Accentuate the positive. 2 Learn to journal. That's how we learn to learn from our past. 3 Learn to work a research log. Good habits set you up for all kinds of good things. Her newly extended extended family is a blessing to her. And be sure she knows that the same goes for you: that she is a blessing to you <3. Find out her interests & talents, so you can be on the lookout for inspirational stories. Help her see there are stories even in those names, dates and places. We have family relationships, relationship to the cultural history going on around us (newspapers, letters, etc.). Does she like to eat? Got family recipes? That's always a good talking point. Help her start her own family recipe book? Christmases will come. :-)