Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordle Part 3

I couldn’t get the editor to work right here, or I would have shown you my list of names and the weighting. What has happened to my text editor in Blogger!? All a little strange, but interesting. After shows you the results click on Randomize to get different layouts, fonts, & colors. I kept remembering something to fix, and it took me 5 tries to get this. Try it out. Some fun. Let me know how yours turned out. Will this spark discussions in your family, in your family history center?

Wordle Part 2

I have in my tagline for my email the list of surnames from down the right side of my pedigree chart, out 5 generations, including one hole where I have not found Margaret McVey's maiden name yet. Then I ranked this list, by the frequency of the surnames in my 5 generations chart, as per their example. This is just my side of our children's pedigree chart - I say it that way because though it is my list of pedigree surnames, I also put in my married name, Fish. So here is the list, weighted, that I put in the Create>Advanced>weighted window.

I thought of a word cloud as I was collecting little reminders our singing ensemble leader tips to us. Then this evening I saw an announcement about I did not have the musical watchwords list ready yet, but I knew where there was a list of some of my favorite words - my pedigree! Wordle: 5 Gens