Saturday, July 26, 2008


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When will we learn?

We live in the Medford Oregon Temple District. Priesthood leadership and family history consultants now have access to Exciting times! I am encouraged that new. is an improvement to how genealogy is done. Plus all the new databases that are being made available through the means of FamilySearchIndexing, and partnerships with, are really going to open a lot of brick walls for people, worldwide. This is a great time to be alive and participating in this great work. There is a great responsibility to do more, too, as individuals. The means is there. We need to step up to the plate. President Hinckley's (and other prophets!) vision of the magnitude of the work that needs to be done, is coming into action. The capacities, the capabilities, the scope of the mission of the Church in electronic media is really taking off. There is an LDS Tecnology Blog; this month's Ensign's lead article was about sharing the Gospel online in our sphere of influence; stake and ward websites, email lists for auxillaries, on and on. Classes at our family history all have something to do with utilizing electronic resources. It is here. It is not my mother's genealogy anymore. Only it is! The basics are still the most important thing! Cite your sources. Don't just copy and pass it on.
Meanwhile life goes on. The human condition is the same throughout the ages. We each have our agency; none of us are perfect, and as we live our lives and make our choices, themes of the human condition echo through the generations. The older I get, the more sympathy I have for my own parents. When I was a teenager and they were going through a divorce I really had no idea what they were going through, except that from observing my mother, I knew that it was emotionally difficult! Oh, how I wish I could talk with them now :-( I believe that after we die that we can see more clearly on the other side of the veil. I don't mean that we automatically will see more clearly, but that if we can start to recognize our biases, that we Can start to see the real reality. But what do I know? I know that our prayers from here still have impact on the other side of the veil, and that that is the case the other way, too.
3 am - 10 Minutes past when I said I was going to go to sleep. All this is hard on diabetes management.... But I am glad I am still alive.