Saturday, September 06, 2008

I am really excited about! I have posted in my profile that one of my most fun thigs about family hostory research is finding other people to collaborate with - well new is going to really facilitate this! I am LDS, and so I am amazed and excited about all the wonderful improvements nFS will enable even over the tremendous things that "old" FamilySearch can do - streamlining the prcesses for temple work, cleaning up records, "correcting" errors.... But "regular" is changing and growing, too! This is a great day to be working in family history research :-)

Our temple district will be going online pretty soon. We are within our 90-days/pre-rollout period, if all goes well :-) Our family history consultants, and leadership, are actively working on their own family history "accounts" on nFS. We are all learning patience :-0 And we are learning a Lot!

There are amazing resources becoming available through the Church at Family History centers, and through other entities online. The Family History centers are not going away - they should become busier and busier. Our FHC has a schedule of regular hours, but I expect that the times they are "not open" will also become more utilized, too, with special classes and small groups. Great day!

One key to commitment is the recognition of the direct relationship of involvement in family history work and blessings in your life. It is a fundamental commitment in my life. I recommend it. Besides the transferable skills from learning to do research, keep records, analyze data, do story problems in math, write letters and improve your interviewing techniques, it is fun and keeps you off the streets at night! Networking for family history you meet all kinds of wonderful people. Knowing you are part of a family gives hope for the future - We're not alone :-)

Makes you want to reach out & touch someone! Touch someone's heart - remember them.