Friday, September 10, 2010

family influences

I am listening to a program about Reid Nibley on I recommend it!

It makes me wonder about talents and interests and the influence of our genes, our family nurturing and encouragement. Reid Nibley was an amazing person by all accounts. I appreciate the program sharing about epiphany moments in his life. We really are in control of our lives, and we can rewrite history in a sense that we can choose to determine our future, and our legacy to our posterity. We can rewrite how we interpret our history, and that influences our future!

I keep a journal, committing right now to being more conscientious about it. It is a wonderful tool for reflecting on life, and my life, to make sense for the future.

I love books. I am very grateful that people write books, and programs like this one (above) to share their insights. There is hope for civilization if we can learn from each other - if we will teach each other. I saw a bumper sticker today - something like this - The end of humankind may come because they were killed by civilization...Oooh. Watch out!

Please, keep communicating. You treasure letters, journals, scrapbooks from your heritage - create some for your progeny. And work on actually writing your life's history. Don't trust that your biographer will get it right. Do it yourself! Or die trying :-D

Enough of this. Go watch that program on Reid Nibley, his music and love, and testimony.