Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Tis the Season - to take pictures

I hope we all take the opportunities to take pictures of people and things that mean something to us. We used to have a T-shirt that said Capture a Memory - Carry a Camera. I believe that. My cell phone doesn't take pictures, but I sure do appreciate that my daughters and daughter-in-law all take pictures of their families - and share them with Grma Fish who lives far away. Our daughter Lisa has an eye for scrapbooking. My mother made scrapbooks. I am very grateful she did what she did do. I have a friend who has taken on the project of scanning her family photographs and identifying the people and the stories. I really do admire her for making it a priority. My mother taught me to always mark your photos. There are acid free pencils you can use to do that for prints. Nowadays there is TAGGING people in photos. Ain't technology grand? I just stumbled upon a local business that helps people with scrapbooking-type things, and works with them online. I think it's a great idea. I mean to contact them to find out more about it.

My scanner is cleared off right now (a flat place = a good place to stack things, ha, ha) but my photos are far away. I enjoy photos I have scanned into my computer, and other digital camera photos of our family. Heartwarming <3 Photographs do speak to the heart. We look into family members' eyes, and feel into their hearts, across the miles, even after they're gone. I believe we will recognize them when we see them again. And recognizing family resemblences is uncanny. Having a photograph or a painting of an ancestor or family member is a very special gift. Share the gifts of your family history. Remember that this holiday season. Be sure to have your cameras handy - and use them! You are making memories - make them last :-D