Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Continuity - we transmit our values through generations

I am trusting that when we are in the spirit world we will be able to see things as they really are: that this life will make more sense. I believe that the Lord can help us to know what we need to know in this life, too. One of the ways that I make some sense out of what we go through in this life is through researching my family's history. Maybe it is Sympathy for what our ancestors have gone through.... Being able to see from here where certain life-decisions led them, that helps me to think twice (or more!) about decisions I have opportunity to make. Then, how are we teaching, setting examples, for our descendants to help them? Journaling, writing my life's story, maybe I am working on what I wish my ancestors might have left for me! "What were they thinking?! Or Not...." What a genius idea - to get Youth involved in family history, AND to talk with them about our family <3 past, present, and future.... What is important? What is of lasting value, of eternal significance? We are choosing our priorities with how we spend our time, here, now....


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