Monday, July 13, 2009

genealogy software

I am using Personal Ancestral File. I started using PAF with version 2.1, on a TRS80 Mod III. When we went to the Osbornes I think PAF worked on that CPM platform, too. Getting an IBM was a big deal. I have participated in PAF users groups here and there. There is not one of those in my town, but an hour away.

I like PAF 5. It is free. It works well. I am familiar with it. It does a lot. I also like having PAF Insight to use with it. I am using newFamilySearch, too. (...and FamilyInsight, from Ohana Software.) Because I am online with newFamilySearch, and I have a googlepages website for my genealogy, I have not felt the need to get other more fancy genealogy software.

With newFamilySearch I mean to try to keep track of my genealogy online, and when the combining is under control, and we can download easily from that website, maybe update my system. I still recommend PAF 5, even though I understand the the LDS Church does not plan to update and maintain it. It is still a reliable workhorse.