Thursday, February 02, 2012

2 Feb 2012 Native American Research

I was looking at a PDF of the images of a microfilm roll of the applications for membership in the Chickasaw Nation. Around 1906 is where I was browsing. I typed a surname in the search box. It returned an announcement that this film had not yet been indexed - check back later. What that means is that the search function will not work yet. The images on the PDF were rough. Maybe the original pages were darkened and difficult to read, or the filming was tough. Better than nothing? I know that census images available through are different and at times better when viewed on HeritageQwest - AND Vice Versa! Thank goodness we do have alternative choices. are holdings through the National Archives. I am learning about Native American research, primarily tracing heritage to people who were enrolled as tribe members from the Dawes Rolls era. It will be a great day when indexing catches up. I really believe that networking is a big key in cracking this nut. Is still where it's at! They are working on a few projects in Oklahoma for Native Americans. You can go to the Projects Tab there and see what all is in the works (and volunteer to help with Indexing), and you can also see completed projects. I was fascinated to see the Partner Projects, too. Genealogical Societies may have a particular set of local records that they would like indexed and they can approach FamilySearch about it. FamilySearch will help them get it all set up online so that their members, and other volunteers, get it done. FamilySearch sets it up to host it online. [That's my understanding. Does your society have a pet project you would like indexed?] As record indexing projects are completed they become available to search at


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