Saturday, June 25, 2011

Music of Your Life

Randy Seaver in his genealogy blog gave links to find out what songs were popular when-ever.... He recommends two sites - and

Just like in the movies there is background music in our day to day lives. Today it may come from the radio, our iPod or mp3 players, songs playing off our computer or CDs, or songs you are singing yourself. "Worse than that"? Sometimes it seems like there's someone (?) orchestrating what music will come to our minds when - when we need answers to things we're puzzling over. Is there a theme running through our lives? Cue the ____ music!

I borrow CDs from the library and am grateful for the variety and size of their collection, but they have a lot of music I will never want to listen to: to each their own tastes. I like to sing in choral groups. I like old standards, folk songs, children's songs, barbershop, patriotic songs, Christmas songs, sacred choral music and hymns. I listen to this link a lot, over and over. I am LDS: Come Unto Christ.

I know the power of music to carry a message into our minds, and our hearts. I am grateful for songs that have a message that edifies, encourages and uplifts the spirit. There is more good music yet to be written! Make it a matter of prayer - You, too, might be an instrument in the Lord's hands! :-o

My work with seniors bears out that it is the music that was popular (that you listened to) during the years you were courting, that you remember and enjoy most in your older years. My Nana was born in 1900. She was marrired in 1921. Tin Pan Alley songs were fun for her to reminisce with. We anchor or peg our experiences with songs - and on rehearing them, they trigger the resurfacing of those memories. In my late teens and 20's I listened to the classical music stations. I pretty much missed the popular music of the 70s & 80s. I am okay with that. I still listen to the classical music station.

What were the popular songs in the lives of the people in your family history? With every era, every campaign, there were songs written to promote - something: westward expansion, war songs, work songs, drinking songs, temperance songs. I remember Mitch Miller - Sing Along With Mitch. Here is a song for our era that's of that ilk. There are musical political cartoons in every age. Human nature is swayed by catchy lyrics and music. Be careful what you listen too - it may stick in your brain - like The Song That Never Ends. 'Sorry, that wasn't really very nice....

So do you have a favorite song? Do you have a strategy for getting unwanted thoughts (songs) our of your mind (like This Is the Song That Never Ends)? Challenge yourself to memorize a favorite hymn or song that lifts you up. Ask your folks about their favorite songs. And ask them why, too! You may get a whole story about where they were when & with whom, doing what and why. When you write your life story the chapter headings and the little quotes at the beginnings of the chapters could be song titles and lyrics! It could happen....

Maybe mine will be This Is the Song That Never Ends....


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