Saturday, April 30, 2011

won't have to travel very far to do research - unless you want to

Here is an article I saw in the Voice of America news service about a project to scan books from the Library of Congress to be made available through Internet Archives. The Internet Archives Genealogy heading in their "Other Collections" is here. Besides the Library of Congress there are lots of other participating libraries (Brigham Young University, e.g.), and you can see the list by clicking on American Libraries, etc. across the top. Searching was a little tricky. Maybe you know what book you are interested in from other sources, then try the Advanced search and put the title in the Title field.

I don't have a printer at home, but I can save images. I downloaded a book I have interest in (EUBANK) in a PDF format. All Pretty Amazing!

Check it out. Even if you are planning a research trip, doing your homework at home will make your time in the field more productive. There are lots of resources on the Internet Archives website!


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