Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Start Writing Your Life's Story

See My cherry Earring?

(via my daughter Kathy - Thanks, Kathy)
One good way to start writing your life's story is to catalog all your scars. That will give you a framework by how old you were. WHAT were you doing? Who was with you? Where were you? & Why were you doing it?!

Another good way to start - or make these chapters - is to go through all the vehicles you've owned. That will bring back lots of memories, and maybe photographs, too. Your different kids will remember different things about the different cars, and sometimes the same road trips very differently.... Who learned to drive in which vehicles? On and on.

My first wheels? I remember riding my red tricycle up to the Standard Oil in South Daytona, "to get my windshield washed." It was a great day when I could make that air hose go :-Ding! I learned to drive in Florida, barefoot, on the hardpacked sand at Ormond Beach at low tide, where there was lots of room for other drivers to avoid me :-) America's love affair with cars. Pictures - then there's the progression of your drivers license pictures, ha, ha.

I have committed that when I write my life's story it will be a cookbook. There is a whole slew of recipes for picnics at the beach, recipes that work well for transporting (and some that don't!), recipes for eating IN the car (for trying to stay awake while driving). I have a story of what NOT to do while trying to eat and drive.... Have I written that one down yet?


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