Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things Change

My friend Nancy said, "Don't change...."

I just got an email from my husband. It's an invitation to a financial seminar online. For getting the word out about it they suggest we blog about it & post it on facebook. My blog is genealogy related. I'm trying to think about the genealogy-angle.... A lot of family and individual's moves from one place to another are driven by economic forces. When we lost our home in Colorado Springs we ended up staying with my grandmother in the Washington DC area until Ted took a job in Flint, Michigan. Lisa was born in West Germany (US Army). Kathy was born at Ft Carson, Colorado (Army). David, Spencer & Eddy were born in Colorado Springs (where Ted got out of the Army & we stayed). Daniel was born in Flint, Michigan. Who knew - no one, unless you write it down!

Another set of pegs for writing your life's story - all the places you've lived. Then, deconstructing that, thinking like your ancestors, what brought them to the last place you've found records of them? Answering the question, Why did they go there? may brainstorm possible places to look and find them in earlier records....

Here's the link to that seminar. Hopefully tough times don't make us change our values.



At 12:46 PM, Blogger Cassànndrè said...

My mom recently found out some interesting things about a great grandfather by looking at the places where he and his family lived. The family mystery is why he legally changed his name. The mystery may be unraveling :)


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