Wednesday, February 01, 2012

There is so much going on in genealogy

There is so much going on in genealogy these days! Maybe there was before, but nowadays we can find out about it - Instantaneously! I believe there is a movement abroad making interest in your family history even a stronger impulse than it has been before now. And I believe it will continue to grow! Because it serves a purpose that fulfils the Lord's will. This is an interesting interview and article - that touches on the many people who are responding to doing something to forward the research capabilities for genealogists online - the volunteers who do Indexing.

I needed some packing paper to crunch up to mail a box. I saved several sheets of scrap paper to read, rather than recycle - there were genealogy links, and a story about Elder Richard G Scott's talk invoking a blessing on genealogists. < Look here >

This address was at another RootsTech Conference. - RootsTech2012 starts 2 Feb!

Here are those two links sheets that I also rescued from being packing material. One has a handwritten note that only about 1/3 of them [still] work. That may be part of the challennge of this endeavor - to log in when the website is still up, and the info you need is available! ?Like Brigadoon?


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