Monday, March 17, 2008

When I publish my family history I hope it will be a cookbook. I just started taking insulin this week. I am rethinking my recipes now.

Some people might approach their family history with humor. Which stand-up comics have stories about their families? We all have funny stories from growing up, as long as we survive them! I hope you are writing your funny stories down!

Today is St. Patrick's Day, 17 Mar 2008. This was the Meet-iversary for my father's parents. They had gone on a double date to a St. Patrick's Day dance (1/2 way through Lent, when you get a break from whatever you are giving up for Lent?), but they didn't go with eachother. After the dance, after they dropped off Pa's date, he asked Nana's date if it would be alright to ask her out. I hope my cousins will straighten me out on that story.

Anyway, I know one Irish joke. Would you like to hear it?
What is green and Irish and sits out in the back yard all night?

Paddy O'Furniture...
And it was clean!


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